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    Creatin of Carina

    The Beginnings


    Founded by Ibrahim Yuncu in 1940, YUNCU TICARET started its business life.

    Formation of Corporate Identity


    In 1960, he took the first steps of corporate identity with his sons Ali Yuncu and Celal Yuncu.



    The company, which acquired regional dealerships from various fabric and velvet manufacturers in 1970, continued its growth in both retail and wholesale trade with products such as leather sofa material and sponge. At the same time, the store and main center started to operate in Istanbul IMC blocks, which is the heart of the fabric trade.



    When we came to 1980, the production phase was started with the looms purchased from TEKSA, the manufacturer company SITEKS TEKSTIL SAN. VE TIC. LTD. STI. born.

    Massive Projects


    In 1993, the company, which produces in various parts of Istanbul, moved to its production facility located on an area of 32.000 m2 in CERKEZKOY ORGANIZED INDUSTRIAL ZONE in order to gather all its production for beer. It has gained a solid and strong place in international marketing, known as CARINA.

    Carina Today


    With the additional investments it has made so far, besides the upholstery and drapery product group, it has implemented the CARINARUGS brand in carpet production. It has become the most reliable supplier of corporate and wholesale consumers without compromising on quality. It continues to grow with its manufacturer and wholesale customers with its honesty, honesty, quality and innovative approach that guides fashion.

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    Our Story

    Carina, with its fabric production experience of more than 40 years, is an organization that produces at world standards in facilities equipped with modern technology.